Seattle Seahawks On The Move

This year has been one of turmoil for the Seattle Seahawks. It started with the Super Bowlthat was ripped from them thanks to poor officiating. When Shaun Alexander got the cover of the new Madden game, everyone knew it was going to be a rough season. Nothing happened at first, but then curse kicked in.

Alexander broke his foot and the MVP has been out ever since. To add to the pain, Matt Hasslebeck got injured and has been out as well. The Seahawks have been piecing together their offense with Matt Morris and Seneca Wallace. Despite the fact that many past Super Bowl losers haven’t returned to the playoffs the following year and despite all these issues, the Seahawks are on the move.

This past week they scored an emotional win over rival St. Louis in Seattle. Josh Brown kicked a game-winning field goal with almost no time left in the game to win it. The victory was vital, because it gave the Seahawks a two game lead in the 안전한놀이터 NFC West. And since they swept the Rams, they own the tiebreaker, so it’s basically a three game lead.

The Seahawks are now 6-3 on the season and venturing off to San Francisco next week to play the 49ers. They have a three game lead with seven games left to play. Things are really looking up for them. The Seahawks and their fans got some good news this week when the team announced that Hasslebeck and Alexander would be practicing this week and could play in the 49ers game.

The Seahawks are poised to get back to the playoffs and do some damage. Their schedule has at least 4 very winnable games left on it, which leaves just 3 challenge-type games. Look for them to finish 10-6 to 12-4 and rush into the playoffs.

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